Bølgen & Moi wherever you are

Some call it catering. We call it Bølgen & Moi wherever you are because we bring all the stuff
you need from the restaurant to your place.

Entrees, main courses and desserts. And chef, of course. Tables and chairs, if you need. We do everything to create the good atmosphere from our restaurant, whether you want a romantic dinner for two – or an arrangement for two thousand people.

How about moving your party to our place and get “the real Bølgen & Moi thing”? At Gimle we have various facilities. The wine cellar for up to 30 people or the mezzanine for 50 people. The restaurant is a good place for private parties and for the very big events, you can reserve the whole restaurant, included the brasserie.

Send us an email at gimle@bolgenogmoi.no or call us at 24 11 53 53.