Pling i bollen!

Our story begins when the young chef Trond Moi meets one of Norways best wine connoisseurs, Toralf Bølgen.

This is over 20 years ago. With the slogan "pling i bollen" (ding in the bowl, also crazy) they started their first restaurant at Høvikodden. Since then they've given hundreds of thousands of guests memorable moments inspired by the interplay between people, wine and art.

The initiative came from the young and promising chef Trond Moi, who reached out to one of Norways best sommeliers, Toralf Bølgen. They acquired Kafé Piruetten at Henie Onstad, with the goal of creating the country's best café. And after a few hard years, they succeeded.

"Experiences inspired by the interplay between people, food and art."

After 20 years a small café has become a line of unique restaurants. The business counts 7 restaurants with ca. 180 employees. BØLGEN OG MOI has become a known and loved brand, associated with quality and joy for food. As well as running the restaurants, both Trond and Toralf have written books, held seminars and done consultancy.